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Especially the analabus but also the scapular was often called simply crux (cross) on account of its shape, and symbolism introduced accordingly. Perhaps the smaller scapular for the night is here hinted at or foreshadowed.

It was thus natural to term the scapular jugum Christi (the yoke of Christ ); it was also called scutum (shield), as it was laid over the head, which it originally covered and protected with one portion (from which the hood afterwards developed). Perhaps even the small scapular of the confraternity (that for the laity ) may be suggested, since the reference is to persons coming from the world ( novices ) who should have this small scapular.

Francis and on the other that of the little church of Portiuncula.

For these large scapulars the same general rules hold good as described in detail below in the case of the small scapulars.

Francis, or, as it is simply called, the Scapular of St.

Francis; it is brown, grey, or black in colour and has (at least generally) on one of the woollen segments the image of St.

By the Decree of the Sacred Congregation of Bishops and Regulars of 20 December, 1616, it was declared that the Bizzoche who lived in the houses of relatives (and thus quite without restraint in the world), might wear the tertiary habit, but without supriectum, sottogola , and patientia (i.e., without veil, pectorale, and scapular).

It has thus come to pass that the third orders for the laity, such as those of the Franciscans, Servites and Dominicans, wear today as their special badge and habit a "large" scapular, consisting essentially of two segments of woollen cloth (about four and a half inches long and two and three eighths inches broad in the case of the Franciscan scapular, much longer and broader in the case of the Carmelite although no particular length or breadth is prescribed) connected with each other by two strings or bands.

The best known scapular is that of the Third Order of St.

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