Carla bruni dating history carla bruni dating history

She told The Times: “Nicolas saved me from being an alcoholic. Her latest album, titled French Touch, is her first English-language release and features a collection of covers including her own versions of songs from an eclectic array of artists including Depeche Mode, Abba and The Rolling Stones.

In the five years since Bruni left the Élysée Palace in Paris, the former first lady of France has clearly gone back to doing things much like she used to—which is to say, her own way.I actually released an album when I was in office, and the press was like [.]Have you found that the experience of being in office has affected your songwriting at all? I use old types of emotions and old types of poetry. I'm very much reliant on tenderness and ] I’m very not a political person. So the covers weren't a move to get away from writing personal songs because you'd become a public figure? How did you feel when your husband ran for office again last year? So committed has Bruni been to songwriting ever since that she even released an album while serving in office, despite the expected uproar in the press. " Bruni protested to me.)It seems whether or not Sarkozy's short-lived bid to recapture the presidency last fall succeeded, Bruni would have gone ahead full steam with her music-making—especially now that she's singing in English, which she's eased into for the first time on this album by covering her most beloved tracks by everyone from Depeche Mode to AC/DC to Willie Nelson to the Clash.Now that she's not in the same position as Brigitte Macron (to her great relief, it turns out), Bruni took time to talk about the new French first lady's style, letting loose at rock shows, working into the wee hours, and creeping on Marc Jacobs's vape 'grams, here.

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Naturally, she didn't think twice.," Bruni says, adding that Campbell has remained a close friend, as has Christensen.

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