Dating coworkers etiquette

So let’s, once and for all, go over the rules—as they were once and as they are now.

Save-the-dates are a relatively new invention (Don’t believe me?

Tell each of them who they should look out for, and what they should talk to them about. ) The traditional way of letting folks know exactly who is invited to the wedding is simply by listing the names of the invitees on the envelope. The wedding website is a great place to note that you’re not having kids at the wedding.

(And pray for hook-ups that end in storybook romances. (Word this nicely, and stay away from things that read along the lines of “NO KIDS PLEAZ.”) You can also call loved ones with kids to talk about it in person. If you dress code is “Black Tie” or “Semi Formal” or “The ceremony will take place on grass, so please make footwear choices accordingly,” just put the information on your wedding website, or on an insert card in your invitation.

The standard rule, which dates from back when weddings were mostly local affairs, is that wedding invitations should be sent out six to eight weeks in advance of the wedding.

But the real truth is lots of folks won’t make travel arrangements until they get an honest-to-God invite.

Ask your parents if they had them.), which means there is a refreshing (or confusing) lack of formal wedding invitation etiquette surrounding them. It’s handy to provide significant advance notice to guests.

But even more important, if your grandma is operating by a wedding invitation etiquette playbook you’ve deemed irrelevant, you might end up hurting her feelings when you really want to thrill and delight her. That said, there is a lot of wedding invitation etiquette that just hasn’t been updated to make sense in the current world of weddings.One of my co-clerks is very nice, but I sense that she is sort of a lonely person outside of work, and as a result, takes many opportunities to chat with me for long periods of time.She will stop in my doorway or plop down in a chair in my office and talk for 30-45 minutes, sometimes even more than once a day.2) What customs or social rules does your country have that a foreigner might not know? 4) Do you have any customer service horror stories? Dress Code – Weeks ago, you received a printed invitation to a breakfast seminar at a hotel. You are hesitant to offer your seat to her because it might offend her. You RSVP’d but overlooked that it said the dress code was business attire.

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