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I have stayed out of his relationship with his daughter “Jessica.” I don’t think highly of her—she has been given every advantage in life and squandered it.She got pregnant in college and failed out (we paid for that), and managed to wreck her car (that her mother gave her).The story of your life is not going to be a George Strait song, where you are desperately in love with your sister’s girlfriend forever.You’re moving in the right direction; results might take a while, but they will come. Out of the house: My husband and I have been together for a decade but for various monetary reasons are not legally wed.His Facebook posts and comments are appalling: racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and overall hateful. I am desperate to block him (or, at least, unfriend him), as I’m disgusted at myself for keeping him as my “friend,” even if it’s just on Facebook.(We never discussed it, but we simply stopped talking after he publicly revealed his true ideology.) survived the blow. I am desperate to block him and finally rid myself of this horrible person, but at the same time, I’d feel guilty if my mom lost a friend over me (even one I now loathe). Make it clear you profoundly object to his worldview.Our retirement plans were for both of us to keep working until now, then sell my house and buy a condo down South.A year ago in a moment of complete stupidity, I agreed to let Kyle, Jessica, and her son move into our house to save money so Jessica could go to school to become a stylist.

I am tired of this and am this close to giving the ultimatum of “I am selling the house and moving, come if you like or not.” I love my husband, but I am tired of being cast into the role of villain because I think a 24-year-old married mother should be able to stand on her own feet.

A: I think your ultimatum sounds like a necessary one, if you are willing to stick to it.

I’ll also throw in a plug for counseling (couples’ counseling, if your husband is open to coming with you, and individually if not) to help you figure out how best to define and communicate your limits.

I’ve picked up other hobbies, tried limited contact instead of going cold turkey, made new friends, written down my feelings extensively, and nothing helps!

The only avenue I can think of at this point is therapy, which I have neither the time nor money for.

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