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In 1970, while I was stationed I Blytheville, Arkansas with the Air Force, I subscribed to Billboard magazine.RCA had a full page ad promoting the new release of the single, "American Woman" by the Guess Who.While Whole Lotta Love does borrow some from Muddy Waters, American Woman doesn't seem to.This song is a complete rip-off from Led Zeppelin "Whole Lotta Love", the rhythm, the background riff and also the vocal melody.guy even sings with a similar voice to Robert added "Lead Riff" is great.An observation he made during the groups first US Tour. Regardless of intent, the lyrics stand and the American Woman is reference to the Statue that represents the US.The lyrics would support that theory until the parts about "war machines " and "ghetto scenes" are thrown in. Those words might have been thrown in for fill and rhyming without forethought or intent of a political message of Anti-US feeling. On March 15th 1970, "American Woman" by the Guess Who entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #46; seven weeks later it peaked at #1 and spent 15 weeks on the Top 100...

The "American Woman" personified could only be the Statue of Liberty.No more was said about the “lifestyle” in question, but at the time the songs “American Woman” and “No Sugar Tonight” were being promoted in certain circles as gay anthems.In fact, the original release of The Guess Who’s “Best Of” album in 1971 (containing the two aforementioned hits) came with a gatefold cover, and the inside cover showed the band’s new five member lineup (sans Randy) against a mock ghetto background.Even if they didn't mean it to have this connotation, the song made perfect sense to me. It is just my opinion, not meant to be anti-political or anything, just something that I have wondered about. Over the years I have heard many "explanations" for the song's meaning being offered up by both Bachman and Cummings. To me it symbolizes their decision to remain Canadian artists after trying to break into the US market. But the clear and primary interpretation is the rejection of America as a political entity due to its "war machines and ghetto scenes", clear references to Vietnam and urban blight issues that the G. felt were not being addressed adequately.american women, american foreign policy... but i wonder if they consider her as an american woman up there in the north It's a great song, and any possible original meaning of the lyrics is now, 40 years later, beside the point. Some saw the song as bieng very anti-American but I'm not sure that was the true intent. I have heard it off of a cd combo that featured songs from the Vietnam era and now from this very website. here in England and once again I am dealing with a bad case of insomnia. The Guess Who did tour after American Woman - a 15 minute version is on their Live at the Paramount album recorded in Seattle. When women behave as women, and allow themselves to be respected and cherished by men, they can be fulfilled.It sounds like Cummings was both disillusioned and disappointed. (An aside: Americans who believe that the world abuses their country and then regrets it when they need US military might,need to be disabused of this notion once and for all. In any event, now older and wiser, Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman would no doubt concede that throughout the Cold War and even today, one of the mottos of the U. Listening to this live version makes the "anti-war" theme questionable, quite the anti-American female lyrics added on by Burton live. Hating men only destroys us, and wanting to be a man is just ridiculous and impractical.(I don't see what tattoos have to do with anything, however.

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