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Gushing owners rave about their ­wonderful character, their confidence, their lack of aggression and the megawat ‘pug love’ they emit.They also have a wonderfully distinguished history — dating back to the Shang dynasty (before 400BC) where they were bred to adorn the laps of Chinese Emperors, lived in extreme luxury and were watched over day and night by armed guards.Kelly Osbourne’s wears designer jackets and fits in her handbag. Pugmania is sweeping ­Britain and it's not just celebrities who are getting in on the act. ), the breed is increasing in popularity More than 300 years after they first arrived in Britain, courtesy of William of Orange, pugs have become one of our top ten best-loved dogs — more popular than boxers, whippets, poodles, beagles or bulldogs.Tough guy Mickey Rourke has one called Raphael that he spoils like a child. They boast their very own fan clubs, social clubs (regular events include doggy picnics and fancy dress parades), designer outfitters (yes, really) and even specialist ­portrait painters. Pugs — named after the old word for ­goblin, or small monkey — are friendly, outgoing, fiercely loyal and wonderfully comical in a wheezy, snuffly, bug-eyed, squashed-face, wrinkly-bodied way.Which is all well and good but, according to chairman of the Pug Welfare and Rescue Association, John Smith — who insists pugs’ health ­problems are much exaggerated (‘You don’t take a pug for a walk in the midday sun, but that’s common sense’) — the growing demand brings its own worries.‘The rise in popularity has led to the increase of puppy farmers who tend to churn out puppies with ­little thought to health or ­breeding conditions.

Jonathan Ross has an enormously fat one called Mr Pickles who sleeps in his bedroom.Such as novelist George Eliot who described them as ‘bumptious, bellyaching, bedevilled, cacodorous and libidinous’. Back in the Eighties, the sweeping lawn at Glyndebourne was the venue for a special pug tea party where 150 guests took part in egg-and-spoon races (with a pug tucked under each arm) and entered the ‘pug most like its owner competition’.Sealed with a kiss: Socialite Paris Hilton (left) is well known for her love of pooches.‘I’m not a dog lover by any means — I hate the things — but if you are a dog lover, why would you choose an animal that’s clearly suffering? ‘Large dogs die much, much younger, often at half the age of small dogs.So your pug may be ­horrible and deformed, but it will live a long time.’ Goodness.

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