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But, y' know, like, dey do do dat do' don't dey dough?

Jimmy is an 'Ozzie over here' who can't go two minutes without bringing the conversation round to his favourite subject - sex.

You probably hear Janec's compositions in Polish supermarket. Steve is an imprisoned scouser who uses his one phone call a week to try and land a decent job when he finally gets released.'E's a luvvly boy, though, like, 'e jus' needs a chance.

Quite where Stanley gets his dark view of humanity from remains unknown. Head of the Resident's Association, he thinks everybody else's business is also his.

Perma-tanned and highly charged, Jimmy's ready to get busy with anyone, so enough talking business, time for physical pleasure.

Man, woman or something in between (in fact, as much in-between as he can get), he's not fussy.

Not surprisingly, George's hairbrained scams never come to fruition.

Seen in animation to be a camel riding Middle Eastern gentleman, Mr Doovdé is a complete technophobe.

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Previous identities he has assumed include Jéan Pierré & Alan (pilot episode), Brian Bedonde, Donald Donaldson, Roger Barker, Tarquin the BT engineer & 'Steve with the Bitbobs'.

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