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Here is my current attempt: Public Overrides Sub Item Added(By Val properties As Microsoft. SPItem Event Properties) Dim new Item As SPList Item = properties.

Like several of the other people posting here, I also built many of the Application Templates for Windows Share Point Services.

This will allow you to change the Title value before it is saved to the database.

Trying to change them in Item Added is possible but will cause the headaches you are experiencing. To both Alex and kusek, apologies for the delay in replying, but I've been moved onto another project for now.

Step 2Enter site URL and select Deploy as a farm solution and click Finish. Step 4Select event receiver and enter the title of the event receiver. Step 5Select List Item Events in type of event receiver and select the Document Library option from the event source. Here, I have created the Employee Documents library to add and maintain documents and also created an Employee Document Log list to log the changes happening to the library.

Then select an events as in the following and click Finish. Here I'm trying to update a Share Point list based on file changes happening to a separate Share Point Document Library. An Employee Documents Document Library has the following columns: Step 9Build and deploy the solution. Go to the Employee Documents Document Library and add a new document.

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