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Patronize your local bookstore or buy from Amazon for just .04 (37 percent off! Upcoming Appearances Web Design World, Seattle, July 10-12 i DVD 3.0.1 Follow-Up: Installing on a Mac Without a Super Drive After posting yesterday's tip about i DVD 3.0.1 running on Macs without Super Drives, I received several nearly identical emails: "When I try to install i DVD 3.0 on my Mac, a message appears saying that I don't have a Super Drive and that I should use the other i Life installer disc."It's true: If you use the standard i Life installation DVD, you won't be able to install i DVD 3.0 -- and if you don't have 3.0 installed, you can't update to 3.0.1. You can install i DVD 3.0 on a Mac without a Super Drive, provided that Mac has a DVD drive. Version 3.0.1 fixes some bugs, and that alone makes it worth installing.

Find out what all the buzz is about: view samples of this beautiful book. Insert your i Life installation DVD in your Mac's DVD drive. A window will appear, and in it will be a folder named Packages. i DVD Now Runs on All G4 Macs Apple quietly introduced an update to i DVD last week.

In the case of i Movie projects, scene selection menus were automatically created in accordance with chapter markers that were set within i Movie. The i Life '06 edition of my book is off the presses and beginning to ship; you can order it from Amazon for 37 percent off the cover price. But there's another, hugely significant change in i DVD 3.0.1: the program now runs on any G4 Mac or Power Book, even if you don't have a DVD burner.Learn more or buy from Amazon for just .49 (34 percent off). You can't burn your DVD unless you have a Super Drive, but you can design menus, add movies and photos, and otherwise fine-tune your DVD.To be able to do this awesome task, the application has a string of nice features which we are going to outline below: After the installation process is over, launch the program and click on the “Import” button located at the left top of the window.This will allows you to select the videos that you’d like to transform into a DVD.

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Select it and choose Show Original from the Finder's File menu. A window will open containing five icons, one of them named i I successfully used these steps to install and update i DVD on my Power Book G4, which has a DVD drive.

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