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And I shall teach you in your maid training how to wear your uniform correctly, how to walk, how to talk. But if you displease me, then you know that you must face the consequences.

Whatever punishment I decide is right for you will be deserved.

And you will accept that punishment willingly, freely knowing that it pleases me to correct your faults. Ask me for permission to serve me personally in my boudoir, in my chambers.

And, yes, my poor sweet maid, in your training you know that you will have many faults with which I shall need to deal. You will find every feminine delight ready to transform you.

You will obey me at every point of your maid training. You will give all that you have, all that is within you to me throughout your maid training. You - my pet, my bitch, my whore - you will be a very special maid. You know you need so very much to be dominated by a beautiful, strong woman as your maid training progresses and shapes your mind as well as your body.

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