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It appears that some of the modern misericords replaced 5 of the labours, but this is still a useful record.It is possible that the same person who carved the misericords at Worcester Cathedral and Ripple St Mary, was responsible for the 15th century misericords, as they bear more than a family resemblance.It was further overhauled by Nicholson in 2003 and is a Certified Historic Organ.

Several slightly different histories explain the actual founding of the religious community.

St Werstan's oratory is thought to have been located on the site of St Michael's Chapel which is believed to have stood on the site of Bello Sguardo, a Victorian Villa.

Bello Sguardo was built on the site of Hermitage Cottage.

as well as carved miserichords from the 15th and 16th century and the largest collection of Medieval floor and wall tiles.

In 1860 major restoration work was carried out by Sir George Gilbert Scott. An ancient carved head and shoulders similar to the Lustymore Island figure on Boa Island, County Fermanagh was excavated from the grounds of the Priory. A Celt (a prehistoric axe-like tool) was also excavated during the 18th Century.

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